Milad Center for Medical Genetics 

Milad Center for Medical Genetics 

Milad Center for Medical Genetics (Est. Jan 2014) is the largest comprehensive medical genetics center in northern Iran, which includes the Medical Genetics (Molecular and Cytogenetics) Laboratory, Genetic Counseling Clinic and Prenatal Sampling Unit …

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Working Hours

      Sat.  – Wed.        8:30 – 19:30
      Thu.        8:30 – 16:00
      Tel          011-33379541

Genetic Counseling Clinic

All people who are planning to marry/become pregnant  …       Read More

Prenatal Sampling Unit

Two main methods of prenatal sampling are Amniocentesis … Read More

Cytogenetics Lab

Basically, cytogenetics is the study of the structure of the   …  Read More

Molecular Genetics Lab

Single gene disorders are caused by changes in a person’s DNA … Read More



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